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Note: Renters must send documentation that dog's are allowed to live in this dwelling.

home life

Exercise and elimination for the pet will be:

household composition



Please list two other references we may contact regarding this adoption

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Other pets

Please list all the pets you own or have owned in the last five years. Please list the type, age, gender, whether it's spayed/neutered and where the pet is now.

Dog Preferences

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I certify that all the information on this application is true and complete. I understand that if I am chosen as an adoptive home, I will comply with the following conditions of adoption.

  1. Owner shall provide adequate veterinary care.
  2. Owner agrees to notify Lyn-D-Ann's Bostons of any address or telephone change.
  3. Owner agrees to notify Lyn-D-Ann's Bostons should dog be lost, stolen, or dies.
  4. Owner shall return dog if under any circumstances dog can no longer be cared for.
  5. Owner agrees to not sell, give or move this dog from the above listed address, and will not transfer dog to anyone except Lyn-D-Ann's Bostons from which it came.
  6. Owner represents that no member of the household has ever been charged with cruelty to animals.
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